About Anthony

I am a new developer who has recently completed an Applied Computing & Information Technology
During this time I have worked on my first website for a Museum as can be found under the projects tab.
After graduating from an undergraduate degree in Primary education and deciding to not complete the teacher training aspect I began my search for a career where I feel I am really making an impact.
After considering the potential of technology to shake up other professions and businesses I felt it would be the perfect direction to eventually support teachers to make it a profession where learning is fun for class and teacher.
Beyond education I am excited about the new opportunities for employment which tech can bring to not only specialists but by training of users effectively to save money and keep jobs for IT staff and users.
My main area of interest is with respect to data technologies with prospects to potentially study for a PhD to build upon my search and learning path system for schools (see project).
However, my main focus is initially on the development of code to produce APIs beginning in PHP to integrate organisations' web applications.

My major skills, technologies and areas of interest

  • Drupal Site building
  • PHP MySQL integration to run queries with MySQLi.
  • UML
  • ER diagrams
  • Elasticsearch
  • Composer and hence JSON
  • Basics of MongoDB

Areas I am keen to develop and begin side projects in the near future

  • REST API development
  • Integration of e-learning platforms such as the Learning Tools Integration API
  • Subsequent development of commercial CRM applications integrating to various external applications
  • ...and the subsequent skills in becoming an effective developer of object-oriented web applications
  • Machine learning to produce more effective recommenders for educators especially