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What Do I Write my Configuration Files In XML, JSON, YAML or TOML?

One of the biggest questions when designing or using an
application is the language for the configuration file such as admin login
details and database connection details.


The traditional and popular option for applications and
databases such as MongoDB and Nutch use the XML but since the introduction of
JSON and YAML has resulted in many developers suggesting the complexity of XML
is unnecessary.


Beginner's Tutorial to Docker (part 1)

This blog provides a short tutorial for absolute beginners
with minimal knowledge of Linux processes. Having recently nailed an
understanding of Docker concepts only as a result  configuring various services on
a Virtual Machine and using the ps command which would be challenging for beginner developers who have been used to setting up a minimum stack for development.
An absolute beginner focused on web development may not
initially be aware of Linux processes and the networking.


Welcome to my Portfolio

As a beginning developer I am passionate about innovating with particular attention to education and the heritage learning which Museums and other historic sites provide.
I look forward to sharing reflections on various projects as I work on them and wider reflections on news in the world of backend development and data analysis, such as the implementation of machine learning recommenders in applications for more efficient, and hopefully in future more reliable decision making!

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